What Is My Online Code?

To access your online gallery you will need to enter an Online Code. 

  • Your online code will be delivered to you 2-3 weeks after Picture Day in any of these 3 ways:
    • Announce Email -  if emails are provided, the parent will receive email marketing with the online code and a direct link to their student's gallery.
    • Picture Day Page - an email will be sent to the picture day contact with a link to the Picture Day Page. On that page, we tell you if it is a formula-based online code or a random online code. 
    • Paper Proof - code will be printed on a paper proof sent home with the student. This is only used for select public elementary schools when we do not have email addresses.
  • If you don't have your online code, please email us at help@stompinggroundphoto.com.  
    • Don't forget to provide your child's full name and the school they attend!