Comping a Student into a Class Photo

Compositing a Student into a Class Photo

Compositing an individual into a group photograph requires meticulous work to achieve a natural result. We do not provide digital compositing for student absences unless requested and paid for by the school. If compositing is necessary, the picture day contact should contact their Account Manager to request this service.

Considerations for Comping Students into Group Photo

  1. There must be adequate space in the photo to realistically incorporate the individual.
  2. On the makeup day, the photographer must photograph the student in the proper position, stance, and scale relative to the surrounding students.
  3. Differences in lighting between the portrait and group photo sessions may be visible in the final composite.
  4. Sale of group photos may be delayed until after the makeup day. 

Comping Fee

Compositing a student into a group photo is assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine feasibility. The fee is $100 per student composited, paid by the school. This fee covers the time and effort required to manage the flow of information and the labor to seamlessly composite the image. Due to the complex nature of compositing, results cannot be guaranteed.

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