Ordering Instant Downloads

Instant Digital File Downloads

Digital files are immediately accessible from our shopping cart. Retouching options are available for purchase but can affect turnaround times. Click here for turnaround times. 


The price for one instant-download file is $42, but you can add more images. from that same gallery for $20 each. You cannot add images from another gallery to the same instant download group.  If you have siblings, you will have to select the digital option for each of them separately. 

Instant Download Delivery 

You will need to provide a valid email address when you enter your billing information, as this will be how you receive your photos.  

After the order is completed, you will be sent an email from " no-reply@imagequix.com" within a few minutes that contains a link to your photos (see image below). The subject line reads "Your Images Are Ready - Download Link Inside"

Zipped Files

Each download link contains a zipped file. 

Open up your zipped files by clicking on the Download Images Now button, and the photos will download to your computer in a folder that will show at the bottom of your screen. If it does not, go to the "Recent Download" list in your browser. Right-click the folder, and then hit "Show In Folder" on the downloaded file From there, bring the folder to your desktop and double-click it to open up your files!

Expired Download Links 

These download links expire after 90 days but can be reactivated by clicking the same "Download Images Now" button. Reach out to customer support if you need assistance with reactivating your download link.

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