Private sessions

We offer private sessions on specific dates during the Fall semester and the Spring semester. 

Private sessions require a non-refundable booking fee of $295. This fee includes two high-res retouched images. Additional prints and files are available for purchase.

For information on booking a private session, click here or email

Tips on How to Prepare for your Session

Everyone is different. Think of a few ideas of how you’d like to be photographed. We have plenty of our own ideas, but we love to hear yours. We celebrate differences and encourage you to be yourself!

These TIPs are meant as a guide to get you the photo you want:

  • Remember your kids are kids! Best time for young kids is before lunch.
  • Make sure everyone is properly fed.
  • Plan out wardrobe in advance. Coordination is good, but don’t overdo/overthink it. Wearing neutrals with an accessorized pop of color, or varying shades of the same color, work well.
  • Speaking of wardrobe, bring an extra outfit, just in case!
  • Bring accessories— hats, scarves, jewelry.
  • Let everyone that needs to know that the session is coming up. Surprises are great, but better kept for birthdays!
  • Relax and have fun!