Prepare for Picture Day

How To Prepare

Every family & student is different. Some kids wear bow ties, some wear soccer shorts. Some wear ski caps and some wear fedoras. Some people wear suits and some wear dresses! It is entirely up to you how you want to look for Picture Day. We celebrate differences and encourage you to be yourself!

Quick tips to get you the photos you want:

  • Avoid logos.  They draw attention to the logo and away from the STAR of the photo.
  • Clean faces and clothes. Sometimes there are volunteers to help kids look their best, but sometimes a mess slips through. 
  • Keep it simple. Complicated clothes can be difficult for students to arrange. 
  • Speak with your child. If a student comes to set with a hoodie on, we will photograph them with the hoodie on. Speak with your child about your expectations. 

Check out how these tips worked for these kids! See more of our work on our website!

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